Anna’s myth

Another highly entertaining story with some great archaic language.

Lotheeno And The Hondrah

Long ago when Greece was ruled by gods and goddesses, Sparta was cursed by the dreaded Hondrah. Legend says that the Hondrah had always wanted to rule over a land, Hondrah seized his chance after Sparta had won a battle and all the guards and warriors were so happy with drink they slept. Quickly but carefully, the Hondrah slithered into the palace. His scaly brown skin rubbed against the ground, his green tongue flickered in and out of his two teethed mouth, his armoured wings were tucked into their sockets, and his poisonous spike

at the end of his tail tapped against the ground.

Once he had got into the palace, the Hondrah ate every heir to the throne being careful that he muffled their screams with his tail. The reason he did this is because he wanted to become King after King Emward had died. Full, the Hondrah flew over the palace gates back to his gloomy underground lair.

Five Years Later

Once again King Emward heavily sat down on his ruby red and emerald green throne. Ere the Hondrah had started to plague him by eating all his children, his life had been perfect. But for the past five years his life had been a misery. Only one of his children remained. Lena was the kings youngest daughter and his last. She had shoulder length black hair and brown eyes lest shone when she was happy. Lena was by far the most beautiful maiden in all of Sparta. As well as being beautiful she was very clever and could tell her father was depressed.

Meanwhile, by the village fountain a handsome youth was drinking when he came across an advertisement. Curiously, he read it with great interest. The advertisement was written by the king and it turned out that King Emward was looking for a hero. The youth was up for it.

Because it was a boiling hot day it was a challenge just getting up the hill to the palace. But when he did the king offered him food and drink whilst he asked the youth questions.

And what is thy name?” asked the King (he was getting fed up with having to ask the same question to every man who thought that they could slay the Hondrah).

Lotheeno, your majesty.” replied the youth. He wasn’t really concentrating on the King, he was concentrating on the Kings daughter, and she was concentrating on him.

It looks like thee is a fit, young youth who is determined to slay the Hondrah. But stay on your guard lest you are injured, this is because the Hondrah has no flesh just armour and scales so beware! Also no one has ever been able to kill it so far. None of my warriors have returned and I’m running short.” The King spat the word Hondrah out as if there was really hot and poisonous food in his mouth.

Verily King Emward, I never fail.” Lotheeno’s strong voice echoed through the proud hall making the King smile.

On the morrow Lotheeno sat down on the pure white sand, and stared out to sea wondering why did I ever choose to become a hero?

I think you’ll be needing this.” Lena came strolling up the beach, the wind whipping her brown hair back from her face. Her hands were positioned as if she was holding something, but Lotheeno could see nothing.

What is it?” asked Lotheeno.

It’s an invisible dagger to help thee slay the Hondrah; you see it only kills people who it thinks has weapons. Also the only way to slay the Hondrah is to get inside it and stab the inside armour. But in order to do so thee needs to avoid the fiery arrows that comes out of it’s mouth, the spiked armour, the highly poisonous spike on the end of it’s long tail, the two canines at the top and bottom of it’s jaw, and always beware of the Hondrah’s camouflage skills and ability to fly.” Lena’s voice was soft and brave.

Fearlessly, Lotheeno strode down the steep hill towards the Hondrahs underground lair. His teeth chattered, despite his wolf skin coat Lotheeno was freezing (as he got further down it got much colder). When Lotheeno finally reached the bottom he was sure that it was less than zero degrees. As he entered the cave he saw the Hondrah.

Struggling, Lotheeno lunged forward, he tried to grab onto the Hondrah’s neck but his hands grabbed thin air. As Lotheeno looked back up the Hondrah’s poisonous spike lashed out at him, but he quickly rolled underneath it. Just then he found his chance and jumped. This time luck was with him, his strong leathery hands grabbed onto the Hondrah’s scaly neck. Before the Hondrah could send arrows out of it’s mouth, Lotheeno leaped inside the horrid beasts mouth.

It was very nearly pitch black in the stomach of the Hondrah it was also very smelly. Lotheeno was in despair, he could find his invisible dagger that’s the problem with having something invisible he thought. But alas, Lotheeno found his magic dagger and stabbed the Hondrah’s inside armour. Satisfied, he got out of the dead beast’s body then carried it back to palace Emward, as happy as a hippo bathing in mud.

Well, well what have we here? Lotheeno, you are the hero of this now not cursed land, because you hath managed to slay the Hondrah. What does thou want for thy reward? Money? Land?” asked King Emward.

Thou wants no money or land, just a word with Lena, your beautiful daughter.”

Very well!” replied King Emward surprised.

Lena came striding into the hall and took Lotheeno by his hand.

Come.”she said.

Lotheeno and Lena sat silently on the soft, white beach. Suddenly they started rising up into the sky. Soon they were both in the clouds, everything looked the same until he looked at Lena. Her eyes were shining much more, her brown hair shimmered in the sunlight, and her clothes had changed from a simple cotton dress to a silver, silk robe.

What, what’s happened?”asked Lotheeno to stunned to say anything else. I took a lot of explaining until Lotheeno finally understood that he and Lena were in the land of the gods.

I’m Aphrodite and this is Zeus with his wife Hera…your mother and father.”exclaimed Lena.

Thy son,”said Zeus,”this is your new home now!”

So Lotheeno lived in the land of the gods for the rest of his life. He and Lena had many children and they grew up very happy.

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  1. Lovely story, it must have taken an age to write. Well done! Looking forward to the next one… 🙂

  2. Jane simmons says:

    What wonderful imagination such a lovely read

  3. john rockett says:

    I was very impressed with this story-We have seen a few of Anna,s stories before and they get better and better.Looking forward to the next one.

  4. caitlin from as says:

    I think this story is really cool and I think Anna writes great stories

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