Tim’s myth

Tim’s story is set in China and has a very downbeat ending

‘Jo-Mo The Great’

Long,long ago in ancient China one great Jo-Mo and his helper Mau-Mau were called upon by the grand Emperor Tang-Wing to defeat the evil dragon who was creating hell in China. Jo-Mo was a battle hardened warrior so he was known as ‘Jo -Mo the great’.

Jo- Mo and Mau-Mau travelled many miles on foot to the Imperial Palace where the the Emperor was waiting.

Ah, one has been waiting for you Jo-Mo. Who is this fine youth here?”

Mau-Mau my highness. “ mumbled Mau-Mau. The Emperor explained what was happening. The dragon was in its lair in the snowy mountains .

They set out the next day; before they want they said farewell to the Emperor. They travelled far and wide until they got to the bottom of the huge mountains. Slowly Jo-Mo and Mau-Mau climbed the mountain until they made it to the dragons lair.

We shall find thee dragon in this cave. “Jo-Mo cried

As the two great warriors marched into the lair they saw the dragon, its nostrils flaring. Suddenly, Mau-Mau stepped on a stick and the beast awoke ! Ferociously, hero and beast fought. Mau-Mau just watched. Then the dragon’s scales were pieced by Jo-Mo spear, but the dragon shot a burst of flame making Jo-Mo go flying back!

With Jo-Mo down the dragon turned its attention to Mau-Mau. The dragon already wounded was killed in quick succession .Mau-Mau ran over to Jo-Mo – it was horrible sight.

Mau-Mau… you the master now,”Jo-Mo said slowly. Soon after he died .

Mau-Mau trudged down the mountain.He reached the Imperial palace he then told the Emperor the bad news . Mau-Mau took on his own apprentice after Jo-Mo’s death.

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