AS have been writing myths this week and we will be publishing many of them. Our first myth was written by Tallulah and follows the Greek tradition. I particularly like the over – protective mother of the heroine. Read on and enjoy…

The defeat of the Fang


“Roll up, roll up!” called the news man, “Needed a hero or heroine to slay The Fang!”

One particular maiden named Sophadeena, heard what was said and hurried over to the palace. Everyone had heard of the ninety foot Fang, who pulled houses out of  the ground, stabbed people and even poisoned them.

“Verily my lord, I shall slay the fang!”

 So off set Sophadeena, Zeus’s daughter, to slay the fang.

Sophadeena sat on the boat feeling sick, as the sea was so rough. It rocked for almost seven days and seven nights, until finally it was time to clamber off the ship and on to dry land at last.

The king was waiting for her,

 “Ha, so thou thinks thee can slay the fang!” the king snorted.  “To prove thou can thou will fetch the magic stone.”

So off she set. Sophadeena called to her father Zeus.

“Alas my father, will you help me?” Zeus presented her with a magic sword, winged shoes, an invisibility dress and a stone.

“What is the stone for?” she asked, starting to get confused.

“This is the stone, thou shall find for the king.” And with that he was gone.

Sophadeena ran back to her prison cell and waited till midnight when the guards came to take her to The Fang. She pulled on her dress, grabbed her magic sword and put on her shoes.   She ran up to the terrifying creature and plunged her sword at it before Sophadeena would get stabbed by it. In celebration she ran back to the prison, where she met a man called Omegar. They decided to marry and return to Athens. However, Sophadeena`s mother had heard the rumour and killed him on the spot as soon as they arrived. Sophadeena lay on the on the floor and cried. “Mother, you’re so foolish!”

    “It was for your own good” she said calmly. Sophadeena looked at the dead body longingly; he had tiny pools of sweat which looked like pretty little gems.

Meanwhile, Frankie’s myth combines both modern and ancient technologies…

Michael & the Laseronda


Scary or what?

King Adian sat on his fine, golden, throne, slouching as low as a hyena bending down into the waterhole. His kingdom had thus come to a sudden holt, it may sound ridiculous, but a small toy had been killing his people, and his citizens were rising against him. Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the oak door, and King Adian sat up straight immediately.

“Come in…” he bellowed. “Probably another stupid villager from nearby, coming to claim his or her land!” he muttered under his breath to himself. But,  what a surprise for the king, to find a young man standing at the door. His skin was tanned, long blonde hair floated in the breeze, and muscles invaded his body. 

          Please, take a seat.” King Adian pleaded.  He motioned to a woven chair in front of the balcony. 

“Hello your majesty…” The boy bowed his head slowly then carried on talking. “I am here from the reply of your my letter that I sent you. I am Michael, the man who said he would be willing to kill Laseronda, the beast who is terrorizing our country.”

                    “Ahh, yes, I remember clearly now. Thank you very much for agreeing so confidently and quickly. Everyone else was too scared to come near me, they thought I was going to torture them. Right lets get to the main subject. To see if you really are a true hero, your first challenge is to guess what ferret…” King Adian motioned to a cage of 100 ferrets on the balcony. “… has red eyes!” King Adian bellowed.

    Michael came back an hour later for the king to find, that none of the ferrets had red eyes.

                    “ Well done, I stand corrected. You have proved yourself worthy to myself and kingdom. Your next challenge, Michael, is to kill the Laseronda. Thou shalt journey to the west side of Greece, to the small village of Malia. There you should find him, down a dark alley by a side street.”

 King Adian explained that Michael would need help, and immediately called for the help of the Goddess of death (Assonda). Ere Michael could thank him for what he had done, King Adian had already requested for a shining shield to bedazzle the monster

“Thou shalt set off now, or other people will be put in grave danger.” King Adian said.

    Later on that evening Michael arrived in the run down town of Malia. All the streets had buildings made of straw and mud, most people would be washing bowls or plates, over the communal well. Michael crept down the dark alley way. He had asked a young man from the village to come and stand on guard.

“ Stay on guard, lest you are injured badly, or need help.” he whispered to the man.  He spotted a small elephant shaped toy lying on the ground near a crate of apples. Soft fur covered his body and a banner ran across his tummy, reading ‘ Press my tummy’. His eyes were wide, and eyelids open, he had a cape draped across his back. King Adian had said that the shine from the shield would bedazzle him, and would suffer from the ray. Michael crept in on him, then suddenly, a door creaked open and a middle aged lady stepped out. Michael scuttered back behind a wall, then watched closely. The women got out a cigar, then there was a sudden red light , and then a loud ‘thump’.  Michael’s sight came back to him after a few minutes. The sight that he saw was shocking. The women was lying on the floor, her match in her hand, ready to strike, eyes wide open. Blood trickled down her cheek onto the cold, concrete floor, making a sticky puddle of blood. Michael pounced forward, the shield in front of his face. The shine went straight into Laseronda’s eyes and they suffered considerably. Michael finally took the shield away from his face. The toy was lying motionless on the floor, still an elephant. Then suddenly a red laser came straight for Michaels face, luckily he dodged it and kept the  shield firmly in front of his face for what seemed like hours on end. After ten minutes, he took the shield away from his face, and could clearly see that Laseronda was dead. He picked the stuffed toy up from the ground carefully and went dancing around the alley happily.

    When Michael came back to his town, everyone was crowding around him, hugging and congratulating him for his great deeds. When Michael arrived at King Adians Palace, he was delighted with him. And as a reward, said that he could keep the wondrous shield. All returned back to normal again and Michael carried on doing great deeds for his country.